Google new smiley combinations with ‘Emoji Kitchen’


Ever wondered what it’s like to mix and match your favorite emojis? Google lets you play mad scientist and combine emojis to create new ones.

Google’s new “Emoji Kitchen” feature lets you cook new combinations using its virtual keyboard app, Gboard, on Android devices.

You can tap on the smiley emoji and the Emoji Kitchen feature will generate a number of mixed and suitable stickers for you to choose from. Optional keyboard app for Andrioid and iOS users includes features such as multilingual typing and Google Built-in search.

Google says each emoji sticker is made by Google designers themselves.

“We lovingly call this feature Emoji Kitchen, because you can explore new ‘recipes’ of expressions using your favorite emojis as ingredients,” said Jennifer Daniel, Google’s emoji creative director, in a blog post.

Two emojis put together to make a hybrid emoji. And, the keyboard feature produces some fun and weird results. For example, if you tap on the cowboy hat emoji, you are presented with a variety of options including cowboy laughs, cowboy eyes hearts, cowboy ghost or even cowboy kisses.

Other cool combinations include a kiss face with glasses, a red heart money mouth face or even a robot face with tears of joy.

You can start playing chef with Emoji Kitchen today, as Google is rolling it out to Android users to use on apps like Gmail, Messages by Google, Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

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