What are the greatest ways to use emoji in marketing?

Incorporating emoji in copy, whether in email marketing, social media marketing, or SMS, requires a delicate balance.

Make a point about something.

To accentuate your essential points, use emoji right after the keywords. If the keyword is SEO, for example, use the computer emoji.

Emojis that are relevant should be used.

Make an effort to keep the emoji relevant to your brand’s industry. If a mortgage broker wants to use emoji in an email subject line, the home or key emojis are good choices, whereas the shoe emoji isn’t as appropriate.

Make up a story.

To tell a story, string together a succession of emojis, remembering to include some text as well. If a swimwear business is having a summer sale, their most recent tweet might convey the delight of shopping for less money.

Make a statement.

Look up the most popular emojis and see if you can avoid using them. Choose emojis that will help your brand stand out instead. If your subject line is the fifth to include a red heart in recipients’ inboxes, your message may get lost in the shuffle.

Select what’s important to your business and brand when considering emoji for your email subject lines, social postings, and SMS messaging. It’s possible that your emoji keyboard is to blame for your higher open rates.

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