What do all the snowflake Emojis on TikTok Mean?

We all know emojis may have multiple meanings. For example, the peach emoji most likely refers to literal peaches. Remember the eggplant emoji.

Emojis can have more meanings. This is especially true when they are used in the comments section of a video. Some people will leave comments without text and use the snowflake emoji instead. What does this mean? Here are the details.

What does TikTok’s snowflake emoji stand for?

There’s a good chance you’ve heard people call other people “snowflakes” — it has become a very common insult in the past few years. People with conservative political views use the snowflake insult to refer to liberals. The snowflake insult refers to someone who is too fragile to deal with “valid” criticism and is unique and memorable — just like a snowflake.

Conservatives have been calling liberals “snowflakes” since the beginning. However, TikTok users found a way to use this insult without spending too much time on their phone’s keyboards: They leave a snowflake emoticon in the comment section. Snowflake emojis can also be found in Twitter threads or other online interactions.

The emoji is used to end a discussion. It says, “You can’t handle criticism or my very intelligent brain,” and it immediately hurts my feelings. No, I was kidding. Most people agree that the snowflake emoji represents a lazy and lame way to pretend to be engaged in discourse.

After being called “snowflakes,” liberal-leaning people adopted the term after years of being called that. There are worse things than being called “snowflakes” for years. People use the snowflake emoticon in social media to claim their snowflake dom.

However, snowflake emojis can be used to insult people.

A snowflake emoji is a photo of a snowflake. Don’t be alarmed if you see it in the wild.

The London Times published 2019 a guide to some emojis’ “secret” meanings. It claimed that the snowflake could symbolize cocaine due to its street name, “snow.” Sure, maybe! However, the same guide stated that people use the bathtub Emoji to symbolize a coffin. So, we should take it all with a grain. (We think the snowflake Emoji could also represent a coffin).

You could write a book about the evolution or devolution of online discourse, particularly when it comes to Emojis. Many people don’t have the time or inclination to read books. That’s why emojis are so helpful. You should now be able to understand why snowflake emojis might appear on TikTok. Solved!

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