What does the Dark Moon Emoji mean?

This Emoji is not something I want to discuss. A real man rarely uses emojis, and women don’t like it when men use them in text messages, especially if they look like this.

What does the black-moon Emoji stand for?

This Emoji’s known name is “New Moon Face.” It’s also known by the names Creepy Moon Face, Dark Moon Face, and Molester Moon.

It is known by many names in English and possibly a different name in the national language of each country.

I mentioned above that the appearance of this emoticon is quite disturbing. It looks like the Moon is shown as a dark-black disc with a slightly smiling nose and face.

According to some reports, it was inspired by a fictional image called “Man in the Moon.” It may also be reminiscent of Thomas the Tank Engine.

What does the Black Moon Emoji mean?

This Emoji “can have many meanings depending on context.

It can be neutrally used to represent the Moon in general, as netizens using social media often use it when they enter a new phase of the Moon or an eclipse phenomenon.

Here, I try to be positive. A new month, a new passion. Yes, that is the meaning I got from this Emoji.

Another person informed me that the dark moon Emoji could be used for awkwardness and embarrassment when texting.

Emoji pedia says it’s a popular emoji because it is considered creepy. It can be used to disapprove of something or to convey a variety of suggestive or ironic feelings.

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